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Promotion of energy-efficient electrical equipment
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Mechanical industrial equipment industry for the national economy as across departments, which it produces products are advanced, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, directly affects the equipment industry's economic efficiency and energy (resources) consumption and pollutant emission, is the promotion an important technology to realize energy saving and emission reduction targets for the protection.

According to understanding, for Guide Advanced Energy electromechanical equipment (products) of development production, and promoting efficient energy electromechanical equipment (products) of application, mechanical industrial energy and resources using Center (mechanical industrial technology development Foundation) (following referred to mechanical energy Center) Yu January 13 in Beijing held has "electromechanical energy technology and equipment promotion will cum energy electromechanical equipment (products) recommended directory (fifth batch) and industrial equipment class" energy efficiency of Star "products directory (2014) launches".

Participants said that the holding of the meeting to speed up the promotion of advanced energy-saving technology and products, eliminate backward production capacity, develop energy-saving and environmental protection industries, promoting industrial restructuring, plays an important role in promoting.

Mechanical and electrical equipment as the industry's key energy-consuming units, in our country has a pivotal position in the implementation of the national policy of conserving resources. According to the statistics: motors, transformers, electric welding machines, electric machinery and electronic products, such as electricity consumption accounted for more than 70% of electricity; industrial boiler coal consumption of the country's total annual coal consumption of about 18%. Actively promoting energy-efficient electrical equipment, elimination of outdated energy-intensive mechanical and electrical equipment, and increase the proportion of application of high efficiency energy-saving electrical equipment, is to accelerate the building of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society an important safeguard.

In recent years, according to national of policy requirements and in industrial and information Department guide Xia, mechanical energy Center carried out has mechanical industrial energy emission reduction of strategy, and planning and policy research, and for industry energy and resources using, and environmental protection status of survey; assist prepared industry energy standard, carried out energy evaluation and energy audit activities; carried out energy and resources using products, and technology, and new process of application, promoting energy products of development; advance new energy, and can renewable energy using and the clean production work, Actively promoting the green design and green manufacturing jobs, promoting the circular economy development of the industry and so on. This meeting seeks to multiple levels, multiple perspectives on technology and energy efficient products, energy-efficient electrical equipment (product) development trends and energy-saving policies and measures to interpret the contents of the Exchange, for the machinery industry "Thirteen-Five" energy saving and emission reduction plan for new ideas.

Vice President Cai Weici of China machinery industry Federation, said at the meeting: 2015 is machinery industry "Twelve-Five" focus on transformation and upgrading of the final year, is also planning "Thirteen-Five" a crucial year of development strategies. Energy saving and emission reduction work in the machinery industry in the future "from large to strong" has special significance in strategic transformation.

The "Twelve-Five" period, adjust the structure of the national economy, the pace of turning up pressure on energy conservation and emission reduction than ever before. Machinery industry should be shouldered by the advanced equipment "equipping China" liability more apparent. On one hand, all walks of life are trying to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure and development pattern, thus increasingly urgent demand for high efficiency and energy saving technology and equipment, on the mechanical level of industrial energy efficiency performance of traditional products, particularly products still have a significant gap compared with the developed world, demand can't keep up with the pace of upgrading users to upgrade. This "traditional lag behind declines in product demand and insufficient supply of energy efficient products" contradictions are forced mechanical industry energy-saving emission reduction as an important product of the orientation of structural adjustment and upgrading.

Mechanical enterprises wishing to enhance the adjustment of product structure and technological innovation, has introduced a high technical level, the electromechanical equipment of energy saving and environmental protection. Enterprises as the mainstay of the market, is promoting the industry-dominant force in energy conservation and resource utilization, the finalists of the catalogue of enterprises with a high sense of social responsibility and sense of mission, sets a benchmark for green development, contribute to the cause of energy conservation and emission reduction. But we must clearly recognize that energy efficiency and our mechanical products and environmental indicators with the international advanced level of gap, gap with all walks of life to achieve green production needs more; the whole industry must raise awareness of the urgency and importance of energy saving and emission reduction; must come up with more determination, more active efforts to accelerate the speed of machinery industry of energy saving and emission reduction work.

Ministry officials said the Energy Secretary, industry is the main body of the national economy, is also the major source of energy consumption and environmental pollution, is the focal point and difficult point of energy conservation, industrial energy conservation and emission reduction to the completion of the national energy-saving goals, promote economic restructuring is of great significance. 2013 72.9% industrial energy consumption total energy consumption, by the end of 2013, and industrial added value of cumulative drop 14.99%, surpassed "Twelve-Five" the first three years of industrial energy-saving targets for progress, played an important role for unit GDP energy consumption fell. First half of 2014, industrial energy conservation have maintained a good momentum, the national industrial enterprises above the designated size increases in energy consumption 2.13%, 8.8% of industrial growth was underpinned, incorporating statistics 41 37 trades in energy consumption per unit industrial value added has decreased, 53 key product (process) in unit energy consumption index, 41 indicators have declined over the same period last year. However, in the face of downward pressures on the economy, energy consumption growth in high energy-consuming industry backlash and other adverse factors, the "Twelve-Five" industrial energy efficiency two years after pressure is still large, in transition to promote industrial energy conservation and emission reduction in green shoulder heavy responsibilities.

Proportion of total energy consumption energy consumption per unit of industrial equipment industries, industrial energy conservation management in the area of focus. Our industrial equipment of high energy consumption and energy efficiency in low prevalence, advanced industrial equipment, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, affects all sectors of economic efficiency, energy consumption and emissions of pollutants, but also the smooth implementation of various industries to realize energy saving and emission reduction targets. Actively promote, use energy efficient electrical and mechanical equipment, to improve the penetration of energy-efficient equipment and technologies, promoting the adjustment of industrial structure is very important.
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