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Wind power industry in Pakistan lurches
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Being a developing country to Pakistan, with economic development, demand for energy is soaring. Recently, due to the severe shortage of power and energy infrastructure construction is not complete, and Pakistan in the field of renewable energy has attracted a lot of attention, and in this one, wind power industry's most popular.

In fact, Pakistan's development of wind power "condition" is very good. First of all, due to the economic development of Pakistan is currently facing severe power shortages. Secondly, many places in Pakistan, and wind conditions are very good, such as provinces of Sindh and Baluchistan province has abundant wind resources. According to the United States national renewable energy laboratory and the United States Agency for international development, the latest forecast, potential has about 132,000 megawatt of installed capacity of wind power in Pakistan. In addition, global wind radio environment is also good for wind power development in Pakistan. At present, the existing wind power market has been saturated, wind turbine manufacturers and wind farm developers all over the world urgently needs to expand to new markets.

While Pakistan itself, renewable energy can serve as a good way to resolve its power shortage. On one hand, renewable electric power infrastructure faster, able to increase its generating capacity within a relatively short period of time on the other, in meeting the growing demand for electricity at the same time, the country also faces pressure to areas of low carbon, decarbonization of energy, development of renewable power helps ease pressure to cut emissions.

According to official figures, currently the country's energy structure still dependent on fossil fuels. Among them, the natural gas accounting for about 50% of energy consumption, followed by oil, accounting for about 30%; 8% of coal in energy consumption while 11% comes from hydropower; nuclear power accounted for 0.9%, renewable energy accounted for 0.1%. To this end, the Pakistani Government plan, completed in the year 2700 megawatts of renewable electricity capacity, making renewable energy as a proportion of its total electricity needs around 10%.

However, the ideal is a good thing, the reality is cruel. Pakistan away from its renewable electricity target also has a small distance. A case study of wind power, according to the energy information website "renewable energy world" reported that as of October 2014, accumulated just 105.9 per MW of installed capacity of wind power in Pakistan.

In fact, wind power in Pakistan have been slow, and associated policy "not to force" are closely related. It is understood that, so far, Pakistan has not issued specifically for the wind power feed-in tariff scheme, resulting in each wind farm to a separate consultation with the national electricity regulator NEPRA feed-in tariff, which delays the wind farm development process.

In addition, according to the Pakistan Association of renewable and alternative energy sources (REAP) Chairman introduced fayizi·muhanmode·Hata, which restricts the major obstacle to the development of wind power in Pakistan also includes technical corruption, inflation, lack of funds, local banks backward management system of the Government decision to delay, lack of basic education in renewable energy, and the grid needs to be upgraded, and so on.

In fact, the solar industry has also experienced these difficulties until January 2014, the Pakistani Government announced the photovoltaic feed-in tariff, things began to improve. Bahawalpur in Punjab districts planning a total installed capacity of 1 GW solar farm, 100 MW installed capacity has already begun construction of the first phase, completion of the first half of this year is expected to be able to. Some multinational companies have also signed a memorandum of understanding with the Pakistan Government, plan for the future into the solar industry in the country.

Despite many difficulties, but now, wind power industry has begun in Pakistan stubbornly continued.

According to the "renewable energy world" Web site reported that in 2014, the last two months, Pakistan's "surprise" increase of 100 megawatts of wind power installed capacity is expected to be completed in January this year the incorporation. It is understood that added two items to fund wind energy limited project 1, 2nd, each installed capacity of 50 MW. According to a source close to the sources of the two projects, one of the 2nd project is already in December 2014, grid-connected, 1th, grid-connected project is expected in late January this year.

Location very close to the two projects are located near the port city of Karachi, Sindh province, Kutti Kun, both projects have the same Pakistan signed a 20-year power purchase contract to the national grid. Coordination of the Asian Development Bank, Islamic funds, Fauji Fertlizer Fauji Bin Qasim company infrastructure funds, Tapal group, funding for these two projects together.

In fact, due to abundant wind resources in Sindh province, has become a gathering place for wind farms in Pakistan. As early as 2012, Pakistan built the first wind farm in the province, 33 1.5 MW Nordex wind turbine was installed, with a total installed capacity of 49.5 MW. The project contract signed in August 2010, made $ 0.161/kWh feed-in tariff. 2013 in Jhimpir, Sindh province, added 50.4 megawatts of installed wind energy capacity. The project started as early as 2009, when only 6 MW of installed capacity.

More encouraging is that more and more foreign companies interested in wind power project in Pakistan. In 2013, a Turkey company in Sindh province to build a machine, a total of 56.4-megawatt wind power project. In March of that year, United States overseas private investment Corporation (OPIC) also invested $ 95 million, windy area in southeastern Pakistan build an installed capacity of 50 MW of wind farms. In addition, the company also of Sindh province for an installed capacity of 49.5 MW wind power project, provided a $ 101.5 million of loan guarantees.
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