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Ten Rural hydropower events in 2014
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In 2014, to conscientiously implement the party's rural hydropower industry since the 18 principles, policies, and to promote people's livelihood, peace, green and harmonious hydropower development, maintain a steady and healthy development of rural hydropower. The China water resources news magazine, hydropower and electrification in China and "China's rural hydropower and electrification network" award out of the ten events of rural hydropower in 2014.

One is the capacity to break through 73 million-kilowatt. In 2014, the rural hydropower installed capacity 200duowanqianwa, capacity under construction near 10 million-kilowatt, the total installed capacity exceeds 73 million-kilowatt, when annual output of 2200duoyiqianwa.

Second, increased on rebuilding the full implementation. Synergistic rebuilding covered 28 provinces and Xinjiang more than 4,400 square station, consolidate and installed 900duowanqianwa, all projects will be completed by the end of 2015. Security increased on rebuilding the smooth implementation and sustainable development, 12 provinces raising hydropower electricity prices in rural areas respectively 0.01-0.17 Yuan/kWh.

New rural electrification counties finished ahead of three hydroelectric installed capacity planning goals. "Twelve-Five" during new rural hydropower and electrification counties have a total of 439 items production power generation, promote rural hydropower electrification counties in new installed capacity of 500duowanqianwa, ahead of "Twelve-Five" installed capacity planning goals.

Four is the ecological demonstration County construction start of substituting small hydropower for fuel. Built in 1330 village of substituting small hydropower for fuel based on 2014 Ministry launched a national pilot ecological demonstration County construction of substituting small hydropower for fuel, out of scale to advance, focus on continuous implementation of new ways of substituting small hydropower for fuel.

Five thousand nuclear power plant safety production standardization pilot program. Upon completion of the inventory correction of irregularities hydropower station, full implementation of rural hydropower safety "dual-subject" responsibility based on the propaganda of the rural hydropower technical management regulations and standardization in safety production standards as the starting point, the Ministry of water resources was launched nationally in 2014 1000 safety production standardization pilot power station construction.

Six hundred power plants to undertake evaluation of green hydropower. Water authority organized the 17 provinces (regions and municipalities) 117 hydroelectric green assessment for small hydropower pilot, perfect green evaluation system for small hydropower, promote small hydropower construction in green.

Seven rural hydropower technical standards system of this amendment is complete. 47 rural hydropower technical standards included in the 2014 Edition of the technical standards system of water resources, further perfect the standard system of rural hydropower.

Eight is the rural hydropower development "Thirteen-Five" planning started. According to the national water development "Thirteen-Five" overall deployment planning, the completion of the national rural hydropower development "Thirteen-Five" plan, determine the objectives for the new installed capacity of 10 million-kilowatt, the preparation of the report "Thirteen-Five" rural hydropower development and new rural hydropower and electrification planning framework based on the "Thirteen-Five" of rural hydropower planning work started.

Nine is a VAT rate cut for small hydropower. Of finance and the State administration of taxation joint promulgated the policy of rate of VAT levied on simple and circular, SHP uniform VAT rate was cut to 3%.

Ten is the UN's Global Environment Facility (GEF) approved synergistic extension and modification of small hydropower, China value-added project concept. In accordance with the concept of the book, GEF grant of us $ 10 million to implement the "synergistic extension and modification of small hydropower, China value-added" project, according to the international advanced standards, and repair of river ecosystem, enhance the level of production security and information technology.
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