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Analysis of the advantages of heat exchanger to be used in processing and manufacturing
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Recently, the brand network in order to promote China's consumer market brand building, held this year's top ten brand heat exchanger selection activities, heat exchanger industry because of its wide range of applications in various industries to attract more manufacturers to participate in the vote, the final Screened out Sanders, Shen Lan heat exchanger and other plate heat exchanger brands.

Heat exchanger, also known as heat exchangers, simply is to meet the production and life needs, the conduct of heat conduction equipment. For example, we use the heating radiator in winter, the power plant in order to cool the turbine to use the condenser, as well as rockets, aircraft engines on the cooler. In addition, the heat exchanger is also widely used in chemical, nuclear, oil and other industrial fields, to ensure that the production process can have a specific temperature.
At present, the heat exchanger market is mainly concentrated in the food, pharmaceutical, machinery and chemical fields, because of its high energy utilization is the key equipment to reduce energy consumption, so the market demand for heat exchangers growing. Especially in the chemical industry, because the heat exchanger can be used in the production process for heating, cooling, condensation, evaporation and auxiliary liquid boiling again, for chemical companies to cancel energy and reduce emissions have a great help, so a wide range of applications.
But from the heat exchanger industry development status, the current domestic manufacturers supply capacity is still very limited, the market demand is far from being met, there is a huge supply gap. Especially in recent years, machinery, petrochemical field of high-speed growth, every year from abroad to import a large number of heat exchangers, although there are some products exported, but the type of exports are mostly low value-added low-end products.
Distribution from the international market, China and Brazil, Russia, India and Southeast Asia is the global heat exchanger market, the size of the rapid growth of the region. Which Russia due to the lack of heat exchangers required for the ability of stainless steel materials, and its industrial and military industry, high-speed development, coupled with its in the alpine region, in central heating and industrial areas require a large number of heat exchangers; and Southeast Asia, To the power, energy and other infrastructure industries, the demand for heat exchanger products are gradually expanded. Basically, the "BRIC" in the world heat exchanger market share as high as 30%, and with the rapid economic development, the future is still the main battlefield of the heat exchanger industry.
According to Prospective Industry Research Institute, "China's heat exchanger industry report," the statistics, China's heat exchanger industry, the market demand for a wide range of distribution, almost all areas are involved, which also heat exchanger industry in China provides a solid Market foundation.
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