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Heat exchanger technology needs to be transformed into productivity
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National Petroleum and chemical gasification furnace and heat exchange technology and equipment exchange will be held in Wuxi, from coal chemical enterprises, design institutes, heat exchange technology and equipment manufacturers nearly 100 people attended the meeting. Vice President of China Chemical Industry Newspaper, Mr. Feng Weili, President of China Chemical Energy Conservation Technology Association, Mr. Sun Tengliang, President of China Chemical Machinery and Machinery Association, Mr. Yang Huizhang, President of Jiangsu Petrochemical Equipment Industry Association and Mr. Duan Zhe, Chairman of Jiangsu Fine Chemical Group. Meeting organized by the China Chemical Industry News, refinement Group co-organized meeting.
China's Wuhuan Engineering Company, Shanxi Coal Chemical Institute, East China University of Technology and other units of experts, on the coal chemical industry trends, coal gasification technology, heat exchange equipment, key manufacturing technology, China's heat exchanger market analysis and other industrial development process in urgent need Solve the problem, carried on the exchange, introduced the experience, proposed the countermeasure. Wuhuan Engineering Company, deputy chief engineer Bai Baoming and other experts said that China is a big country heat exchanger, but not power, the experts put forward in particular, the heat exchanger technology needed to be transformed into productivity.
During the meeting, the participants visited the refinement of the Group's production plant, on-site understanding of the heat exchanger and pressure vessel equipment manufacturing technical characteristics and production processes.
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