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Home water inexplicable due to installation of private heat exchanger leakage
Author:sehenstar  Source:SeHenStar  Pubtime:2016-10-17 14:13:18  Click:1171
Zhangdian Dongyuan District Building 7, multi-family living in the first floor of the residents of the home water pipes out of the hot water problem. Today, the Zibo City Water Company staff after inspection found that the 7th Floor, Unit 4, 4th Floor, a resident of the heat exchanger installed at home due to leakage.

Today, Zibo City Water Company staff to the residents of Building 7, Mr. Gao retained the water samples were tested, the results show that the water samples are heating water, can not drink. Subsequently, the inspectors inspected the residents of the building found that the residents of the water temperature in the home because the four units on the 4th floor of a household without permission to install heat exchanger leakage caused.

Water company staff said, 4 units of the residents of the 4th floor of the heat exchanger installed in the entire floor of the heating pipe riser, the leakage of water temperature led to some residents of the home. At present they have informed the heating company, will close the residents of the heat exchanger, the problem is resolved. The public also reminded the public that if the tap water temperature is abnormal, or smell the smell, in the absence of determining whether the water quality is safe, not to drink, should contact the water company, the test is completed to ensure that no problem after drinking.
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