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Energy-saving tube heat exchanger will come as a new era
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The development of heat exchanger has a long history. It is understood that the early 30s, Sweden made the first spiral plate heat exchanger. Then the United Kingdom by brazing to create a copper and its alloy plate fin heat exchanger, for the aircraft engine cooling. In the late 1930s, Sweden also produced the first plate and shell heat exchanger for the pulp mill. Around 60 years, due to the rapid development of space technology and cutting-edge science, there is an urgent need for a variety of high-performance compact cooler, plus stamping, brazing and sealing technology development, heat exchanger manufacturing process has been further improved, which Which promoted the vigorous development and wide application of the compact plate heat exchangers. In addition, since the 60's, in order to adapt to high temperature and high pressure conditions, the need for heat transfer and energy saving, a typical shell and tube heat exchanger has also been further developed.
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At present, China's market a wide range of heat exchangers, if the shape and structure of the heat transfer surface can be classified into tube, plate and other types of heat exchangers. Tube heat exchanger can be divided into shell and tube heat exchanger, casing heat exchanger, coil type heat exchanger; plate heat exchanger can be divided into plate heat exchanger, plate fin heat exchanger, Plate and shell heat exchanger, spiral plate heat exchanger.
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In China's pharmaceutical industry, shell and tube heat exchanger with its strong structure, high reliability, adaptability and other advantages in the production and use has been dominant, widely used by pharmaceutical companies.
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Shell and tube heat exchanger, also known as tube heat exchanger. Is a partition wall type heat exchanger in which a wall surface of a tube bundle is enclosed in a casing as a heat transfer surface. The heat exchanger structure is simple, reliable, can be a variety of structural materials (mainly metal) manufacturing, can be used in high temperature, high pressure, is the most widely used type.
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In recent years, all walks of life are required to achieve energy saving. The pharmaceutical industry demand for heat exchangers is also increasing, inefficient ordinary heat exchanger will be eliminated, China's heat exchanger industry in the next period of time will usher in opportunities and challenges. According to experts, 2015-2020 China's heat exchanger industry compound growth rate of 11%, corresponding to 2015, 2020 China's heat exchanger market size were 770 billion, 130 billion yuan.
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However, the development of China's heat exchanger industry from the status quo, the current problems are still more. Product development, the supply of raw materials upstream, the lack of production equipment caused by the manufacturing process is low. In the context of the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry, China's shell-and-tube heat exchanger companies also need to improve the manufacturing process to quality "speak" to create the strength of the brand.
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