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Home moldy culprit was actually installed the wrong position of the heat exchanger
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Ayumi Hamasaki in order to protect her voice, pay attention to the humidity in the air, she in the Japanese music program "Music Station" said: "I have been accustomed to breathing humidity above 70% of the air, the bedroom must have five humidifiers, Throat helpful Oh!

She arrived in Taiwan yesterday, in particular, brought dozens of humidifiers from Japan, installed in her stay in the Regent Hotel Presidential Suite, as well as the concert lounge.

Home dripping from the ceiling

She loves humidification almost pathological level, Japan's "Weekly Women" reported that she is using the humidifier throughout the year, even if the rainy season is no exception, she was worried about a sudden failure of the humidifier, home use of the floor with reserves, totaling more than 50 station. Japanese industry sources broke the news: "She is too damp because of the bedroom quilts often moldy, even the water droplets on the ceiling.
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