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New opportunities for energy service
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"Technological transformation small investment-led industrial output radiation energy-saving emission reduction and structural adjustment, quality and other aspects. On industrial development, technological innovation is often played ' deflected ' role. "The Vice Minister Su Bo said. This is an affirmation of the energy conservation service industry, is also praised. The face of the current "new normal" economy, "" how to grip the market for energy services, rapid development?

Our "new normal" economic performance for slower economic growth and the macro-control policies, structural adjustment and factor supply and management reform and improvement of State security of the new normal. Which, in today's increasingly tight resources environmental conditions, energy saving and emission reduction was an inevitable trend. In economic growth in the past, the resource is cheap, but now realizes the importance of energy conservation and environmental protection.

In my opinion, a global green economy rising on China's industrial development is not only an opportunity, but also a challenge. Is currently in a new round of technological and industrial revolution "Dawn", the emergence of green technology will give industry a huge space, contains a wealth of opportunities. In the field of industry competition, world enterprises in China provided "opportunities." In order to increase competitiveness in the world, China should also be made to meet.

As an industrial powerhouse and the world's leading producer of industrial products, how to change from industrial to industrial powerhouse jumped? further enhancing the international competitiveness of industry and accelerating green economic development is imperative, including traditional industry greener, as well as the promotion of development in emerging green industries. "Green" will boost the country's standing on a commanding point of global competition, not only improving the added value of products, and global industry chain development and lead the trend of world green.

It is understood that in the context of the world, Europe and the United States, Japan and other major developed economies by formulating and implementing a series of economic stimulus plans, calling it a "green new deal"; some of the developing countries in accordance with their national circumstances and development stages, actively promote the development of green economy. Many years ago, overall green economic development plan launched by the EU tries to strengthen input into the green economy to promote economic growth, increase green jobs, to build internationally competitive green industry. In the development of green economy in the European Union, United Kingdom, and Germany, and France plays a leading role. United Kingdom's green economy, green manufacturing, green energy development and green lifestyle 3; Germany is focusing on the development of eco-industrial; France focuses on developing nuclear energy and renewable energy.

In my opinion, whether domestic or foreign, in the "new normal" of economic growth have become "green". China's economy under the new situation, are facing new difficulties, also showed some new highlights. In the energy conservation service industry through continued technology investment and optimization of industrial structure in China, energy consumption is reduced to constantly raise the core technologies in key areas. It has also become China's "new normal" of economic growth under a spotlight.

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