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Strengthen energy conservation and emission reduction-environmental support for economic development
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Change "growth-for-resources, benefits-for-environment" of the extensive economic growth mode, and abandonthe traditional development of high input, high consumption, high emission mode, take a new road toindustrialization, is 18 session to promote "form a new pattern of modernization construction ofharmonious development between man and nature" requirement. Could bear no real resources, fit theenvironment, society cannot afford, economic development is unsustainable is ubiquitous, and enhancedemission reductions, it is urgent and important task to solve environmental problems.

Break between economic development and environmental protection which is earlier and which is behind thedualistic mode of thinking

Article is only one way to solve environmental problems, that is, truly understand the 18 the spirit of the third plenary session of the party, both economic and environmental accounts as a book of accounts,breaking the economic development and environmental protection which is earlier and which is behind thebinary way of thinking will be unified into a problem for them, establish a "development environment,environment and development" of new ideas. Environment to the environment, the expense of development, thepursuit of growth to reduce pollutant emissions, keep the idea is errors in so-called primitive ecologicalenvironment, is also impossible. Therefore, the nature of environmental issues is also a developmentissue. In principle, control of pollution and there is no contradiction between economic growth. Achievecoordinated environmental and economic and social development, and getting rid of "development first, thenpollution" or "until the economy has developed, strengthened and centralized governance" wrong ideas andsynchronized in the development of solutions to environmental problems.

Environmental awareness of the causes of individual enterprises and backward ideas: one is considered fromthe economic analysis is not cheap. Research shows that environmental input-output ratio is above 1:5,benefit, and advance environmental pollution prevention costs only "pollution first and treatment later"one-tenth of the cost of, if delayed inputs and management work, will pay a very high price; the second isenvironmental pollution present situation analysis is not based on reality. Environmental damage in manyparts has now reached extreme proportions, even more than the reversibility of the tipping point,presenting serious crisis situation, if not immediately addressed, perhaps permanent loss of governanceopportunities; the third is from the value orientation analysis impossible. If you do not eliminate theone-sided view of development, environmental problems will always be subordinate to economic development,have been unable to set a priority, that "economic power" era will be hard-pressed to come to solveenvironmental problems. Therefore, the environmental issues in development issues be solved to promotepollution control turning the early arrival is the only correct way to solve environmental problems.

Site-specificscientific work

First of all, to scientifically determined emissions reduction units. In determines emission reduction units Shi, to do targeted, find associate emission reduction potential big of sewage units, as after environment effects evaluation and after environment management sector approved pollutants emissions species and the number of normal production of new enterprise in years emission reduction Hou, emission reduction space will variable small, this on requirements we found in-depth advance emission reduction of focus on points, help enterprise in keep emission reduction results of while, achieved better of economic.

Secondly, to scientifically determined emissions reduction measures. Science to identify emission reduction measures should be determined according to the actual situation of units of its emissions reduction measures to be taken and the scientific nature of projects and emission reduction. "Two high oneowned" enterprises should adopt structural measures to reduce emissions; to end treatment, which hasreasonable engineering units should be combined with the implementation and management of cleanerproduction and the concept of circular economy and emission reduction; large amounts and no treatment ortreatment facilities sewage treatment efficiency of low enterprise projects and emission reductionmeasures should be taken.

Scientific in the governance of the project emission reduction programmes are designed to be science.Scientific management plan most basic 3 conditions are as follows: first, suit measures to local conditions to determine treatment. For the construction of urban sewage treatment plant of less than30,000 population, resource utilization and eco-treatment options should be taken; the second is thecontaminants harmless, preferably recycling. Governance measures taken cannot appear Pyrrhic phenomenon,cannot afford to waste money on the environment without any harm to improve even more; third, moderateoperating costs. Governance scheme design can not only reduce emissions, its operability from runningcosts to decide. If operating costs are too high will result in improper sewage enterprises operatingpollution treatment facilities, and thus cannot achieve the emissions reduction effect.

Once again, Science determines the target for reducing the amount of emission reduction units. Accordingto the actual situation of emission reduction units, combined with the industry's overall level andformulated its objectives to reduce weight, set within the affordability of proposed reductions incorporate, environmental and economic benefits can be achieved a win-win situation.

Improve the system of enhanced emissions provide the environment for economic development support

Improve the system of enhanced emissions, policy measures, strengthen management, which is addressingissues like economic development and environmental protection. A strict environmental access system, forfailure to comply with environmental laws and regulations, development of policy, regulations, site layoutrequirements and total quantity control plan of the project, shall not go through relevant procedures,unfinished area regional limited batch of major pollutant emission reduction targets, suspended approvalof new construction project of pollutant emissions. Second, strengthen environmental supervision andbuilding environmental early warning surveillance monitoring, emergency response, law enforcement andscience and technology support system, strictly investigate and deal with all kinds of environmentalviolations. Third, increase investment in environmental protection and accelerating the process ofpollution treatment and establish a diversified investment and financing mechanism of environmental protection to form Governments, businesses and consumers reasonable cost shared funding patterns.

Pursue conservation and clean, safe development and achieve sound and fast economic development. Developrecycling economy, implementation of energy conservation and emission reduction, advocacy resources-savingand environmental protection, production and consumption patterns and build a resource-conserving andenvironment-friendly society, sustainable economic and social development, this is both a necessaryrequirement of practicing scientific development view, and spirit of the third plenary session of theparty's 18, the route to build a beautiful country.
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