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Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery----Air to Air Heat Exchanger Application
One day we got an inquiry from a customer. I'm interested in a Domestic Stove (fired by firewood blocks 1.5 to 5 kW Capacity) D...
Falling Film Water Chiller----Wide Channel Plate Heat Exchanger Application
Once we received an email from our customer. Good morning, Kiki Qiu! I give you the requested data. ...
Wood Boiler Waste Heat Recovery Project----Application of Air to Air Heat Changer
A customer from South Asia contacted us, looking for air to air heat exchanger to exchange waste gas from boiler with temperature 290 C and amb...
Hydrogenation cracking unit Heating furnace Waste heat recovery
1. Overview 21st century is protection environment and save energy of century, especially in market system Xia, international ...
Furnace gas waste heat recovery and energy saving effect analysis
Waste heat  and  energy   technology   is  the  most important   resource   comprehensive uti...
Gas Sweetening

Gas Sweetening

Date:2014-08-13 14:07:43
Single-pass SRA Plate & Shell welded units are used as a lean amine cooler and as a lean/rich amine interchanger. The small draw depth faci...
Compression Intercoolers And Lube Oil Coolers
SRA Plate & Shell Coolers provide precise control of compressor suction temperature and increases in overall compression efficiency; gasket...
Compact Gas Dehydration Skid

Compact Gas Dehydration Skid

Date:2014-08-13 13:34:17
A SRA Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger unit with a three-pass/two-pass, countercurrent arrangement heats two cold-side, rich TEG streams in one ...
Heat Recovery From Produced Water

Heat Recovery From Produced Water

Date:2014-08-13 12:01:14
Hot, dry crude from the treater must be cooled; the resulting hot stream can be looped back to the crude emulsion heaters. SRA Plate & Shell...
Heating Crude Oil To Remove Sand And Water

Heating Crude Oil To Remove Sand And Water

Date:2014-08-13 11:49:34
Heating Crude Oil To Remove Sand And Water. Emulsions of viscous crude, water and sand are heated with steam or glycol using SRA Plate & She...
Crude Oil Desalting

Crude Oil Desalting

Date:2014-08-11 17:21:58
Raw crude oil contains many contaminants that have to be removed before it can be  further processed, particularly water and salts. Dependi...
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