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China environmental protection equipment development trend analysis
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Environmental equipment market demand in the future, a great development potential. 12th five-year plan for national economic and social development put forward new requirements for environmental protection, energy saving, emission abatement of new mandates for environmental protection equipment development to provide a new driving force, the State investment in environmental protection will also further increase, will promote the development of environmental protection equipment.

It is understood that should be paid attention to in the development of energy saving and environmental protection industries and market, avoid policy-driven leap-style development. From the Government perspective, it is necessary to regulate the management, ending the State of disorder and clutter of environmental protection industry. Accelerate standardization of environmental technology products, namely, development of environmental protection industries, technical specifications, product standards and enterprise standards, and shall also establish the national mandatory standards. Rectifying and standardizing environmental protection to clean up the market and form a long-term supervision mechanism. II to guide the financial flows to enterprises with high technology research and development, helps to enhance the core competitiveness of China's energy saving and environmental protection industries to achieve environmental protection equipment transformation and upgrading of industries from manufacturing to services.

The face of China's environmental protection equipment boom, many people expressed concern that once the policy guidance and encouragement and funds of all stripes flock to very likely repeating the ups and downs of a PV industry experience. On one hand, production may be due to policies to stimulate energy saving environmental protection equipment, producing a lower threshold of overcapacity, which is needed to guard against potential risks. The other hand, more energy saving environmental protection equipment and technical services associated, including environmental protection, such as whether the device is using, as well as impose penalties, as well as institutional arrangements and administrative levels of government environmental policy.

Field of environmental equipment in China is still in the development stage, and decentralized structure of domestic enterprises, employing large number of enterprises, but mainly by SMEs, concentration is not high, enterprise products in the high-tech equipment is relatively small. In addition when it comes to listing companies, limited number of companies involved in this area, and very few technical or market occupies a significant advantage on companies, industry representatives are very weak.

But countries are applying policy and market development of two-wheeled industry over the next two years will accelerate the development of the industry, the State increased investment, expand domestic demand environmental equipment industry will bring tremendous opportunities for development. The State Council issued ten measures to expand domestic demand, including investment in environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, environmental protection equipment industry, obviously would benefit from this.

China environmental protection equipment industry forecast report about the environmental industry as the "Twelve-Five" period focused on supporting industry by 2020 will become the pillar industry of environmental protection. Under the background of rapid development of environmental protection industry, growing competition in the industry, excellent domestic enterprises more and more attention to environmental protection equipment industry market research, especially the in-depth study of industrial development and industrial demand. Because of this, a large number of excellent environmental equipment companies to rise rapidly, gradually become an industry leader in environmental protection equipment.

Green is the theme of today's world, is the core of all industrial development issues, despite concerns about environmentally friendly production and enforcement than developed countries, but to prevent blind expansion of prevailing winds, eliminate duplication, reduce energy consumption and low efficiency is now a global priority. Facing China's economic and social development in the process of coming environmental problems, solve environmental problems, and strive to improve environmental quality, and actively explore the cost, good efficiency, low emissions and sustainable environmental protection in new roads, development of environmental industry in China has become the main target. Prodded by the national policy, environmental protection equipment market in China in the coming years is expected to maintain its high development, industry development prospects are very promising.
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