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A new Trends in HVAC fields: Sewage-source heat pump
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National energy conservation and emission reduction strategies under the background of advancing, the future of this technology is expected to be more widely promoted and applied.
Related data and statistics, China's current annual emissions of urban sewage has nearly 70 billion tons. As urbanization progresses, that number has continued to increase. According to the air conditioning and refrigeration markets experts, about 40% the low waste heat from waste water of the city, if you can recycle this low calorie, municipal sewage treatment and recycling water and heat up, city recycling and reuse of waste heat can be achieved, while developing a new way of using renewable and clean energy.
Sewage-source heat pump is such a technology. It mainly in urban sewage as cold and heat source of the extracts and stores energy through heat pump system refrigerant circulation changes of physical state and only consumes a small amount of electricity, you can achieve the effect of cooling and warming, wastewater recycling and utilizing low clean energy opens up new avenues. This items technology work principle is using city sewage volume big, and temperature suitable stable, and season changes range small, and winter warm summer cool, highlight features, will its as hot and cold source, according to sewage winter temperature above outdoor temperature, and summer temperature below outdoor temperature of characteristics, with heat exchanger will sewage in the to directly using of heat extraction out into intermediary equipment, again passed to hot pump hosts formed high temperature water to winter heating. Meanwhile, this system can also use reverse, to cooling in summer.
The construction of green ecological civilization is the focus in the community, while sewage source heat pump system in the environmental field is particularly outstanding for our positive contribution to the smooth progress of the cause of energy conservation and environmental protection.
As winter heating in North China is still mostly rely on coal, oil, natural gas and other fossil energy to achieve heating and environmental protection has become a shadow of conflict. As to source hot pump technology application form of a, sewage source hot pump system to city sewage as hot and cold source, can achieved winter heating, and summer air conditioning and annual supply life hot; in heating Shi saves has coal-fired, and gas, and fuel, boiler room system, no burning process, avoid row smoke pollution; in refrigeration Shi saves cooling tower, avoid has cooling tower noise and the mold and air pollution. System not to discharge of waste, waste water, waste gas and dust in the atmosphere, can theoretically achieve zero pollution, environmental benefits is more prominent. Therefore, promote wastewater heat pump technology is changing the status quo of urban energy consumption structure dominated by coal-fired effective ways, more renewable energy applications and developing new ideas. Meanwhile, the recovery and utilization of urban sewage in the low energy helps to deepen people's comprehensive understanding of urban wastewater, fully reflected "developing circular economy" concept, which will greatly improve the city's energy efficiency and reduce the city's reliance on fossil fuels, helps to control air pollution, the protection of the global environment, is of great significance for building energy-efficient city.
In terms of system efficiency, sewage-source heat pump performance is also very good. As rare heat pump cooling and heating source in Northern cold region, relatively stable all year round temperature of urban sewage, sewage source heat pump higher than traditional air conditioning systems efficiency, energy-saving and cost-saving effect. According to estimates, using sewage source hot pump air conditioning system way run, its energy entered and output of than can reached 1:4, that entered 1000W power can obtained 4000W of heat, energy rate maximum can up 75%. this way of heating costs respectively for coal-fired heating way of 70%, and gas heating way of 50%, and fuel heating way of 30%. heating Shi, each using a tons sewage can gets 5000~10000kW heat, equivalent 1.5kg~3kg standard coal heating of effective calorific value.
In the current global energy crisis and environmental pollution worsens the situation, in view of sewage source heat pump systems have significant environmental and economic benefits, to laying the Foundation for the rapid development of this technology.
At present, Japan and Norway, and Sweden and other parts of Europe on research of urban sewage source heat pump air conditioning system in the world. In theory of sewage source heat pump system in recent years in China has also made great progress in research and practice. Has expert recommends said, development sewage source hot pump system, except to increased market science aspects of work yiwai, now more needs get municipal, functions institutions of active response, government sector should for promotion units supporting corresponding service, including provides sewage tube network figure, provides measurement collection main sewage dry tube of flow, and velocity, and temperature, data of convenience conditions; according to local sewage tube network layout and the measurement results, into general construction planning in the and developed priority development sewage source hot pump system of policy, vigorously promotion, and Supports the application of sewage source heat pump systems; the adoption of energy-saving technology solutions user units of the policy as well as financial support, so as to promote rapid development of sewage-source heat pump technology.
However, air conditioning and refrigeration markets experts warned, sewage-source heat pump system in the technical aspects are still flawed. Urban wastewater composition is complex, chemical properties is not stable in the Middle contains a variety of substances such as suspended solids, Floc, and solid waste. With the booming of sewage source heat pump engineering, shortcomings gradually appear. At present, the most critical challenge is to prevent congestion, pollution and corrosion of pipes and unit; the later operation and maintenance is critical, often need internal cleansing by chemical liquid or pressure water cannons as well as added with centrifugal sewage heat exchanger solutions, but will take big money and effort.
Although the technical and operational aspects there are still difficulties to be overcome, but the industry generally believes that sewage source heat pump system is still in its early stages of development, and sufficient confidence about the future. In accordance with market expectations of planning, even if calculated according to the rates of development and application of 50%, its market capacity will be more than 500 million square meters.
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