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Don't let nature give back a slap
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Through rain, Sun or brief "baptism", Beijing ushered in a new round of large-scale smog. Came out this morning, looking at the gray sky, and nuts: not into the winter, smoggy days has launched a fierce attack on big city, Lenovo's painful experience in previous years, only going to heaven and sighed, this winter is still destined to "extraordinary". Now it seems that nature is frightening us with a loud slap, like laughing at us in terms of atmospheric control did not go far enough.

2014 Asia Pacific economic cooperation (APEC) Summit in November will be located in Huairou district of Beijing Yanqi Lake, for the success of this international meeting, showing Beijing's beautiful, harmonious beauty, accelerating world urban construction of Beijing, preventing air pollution in Beijing and its surrounding areas in the next foot work. Huairou area first demonstration, in APEC Conference along and the core around, and focus town center town district, "four a focus regional" of village, full implementation "reduction coal for coal", control air pollution; in preparatory of last Sprint stage, and in full district carried out has "universal story, and celebrate APEC" theme practice activities, implementation "civilization Huairou", and "clean Huairou", and "culture Huairou", and "beautiful Huairou", and "sing ring Huairou" five big action plans. Beijing ordered during the APEC air treatment in the light of "Olympic mode", joint control with the neighboring provinces, development of pollutant emission reduction programmes, and this year will start the development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and its surrounding regional air quality planning, regional oil and vehicle environmental identity is expected to be unified.

Two provinces of Hebei and Shandong provinces near Beijing, efforts have also been made to protect the air quality in Beijing. Recently, Shandong provincial government on on environmental Office reported to the of Shandong province 2014 years APEC Conference air quality guarantees measures for has reply, requirements reference "full shipped mode" improved environment air quality, encountered extreme adverse meteorological conditions and Beijing may appeared heavy pollution weather Shi, to timely take decisive of emergency emission reduction measures; Hebei province September 24 in Shijiazhuang held has guarantees 2014 APEC leaders informal conference air quality workshop, Governor Zhang Qingwei stressed to in "rule, and controlled, and Control, adjustable, pipe "five punches, fighting a comprehensive, multi-level, big efforts to ensure air quality campaign.

Air battle continued, haze continues, hope that our efforts can get somewhat at the mercy of nature, blue sky and white clouds again, rather than a loud slap. If continued, ignoring the emission reduction, would it really be as likely as Yao spewing, "sunny day" can only be used in our future generations in history textbooks.
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