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Low-carbon life, protection of the ecological environment
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Now people's lives in constant progress, factories, housing, development zone, tall buildings ... ... Scientific and technological progress in social development, bringing people joy, but cause an irreparable blow to the surrounding environment.

Around the Lake has been polluted, is full of grease. Lakes like stagnant water, no gas, foul foul stuff stacked on the Lake, foul.

Should be the most comfortable place near the Lake, walk down to the Lake, a breath of fresh air, and then shouted, this felt so good! But now I don't like to go to the Lake, because tons of domestic waste water, ruining the beautiful surroundings.

Do you remember our mother River? That's how great he is! A beautiful, clear water visible ground, bamboo stalks the boat with its companion, fish play good fun.

However, some ignorant person, order the immediate interests, cut down the trees on the hills on both sides, blasting mountains and quarrying stones, so that large amounts of sediment into the River, raising the river bed, I seem to hear the river defense: "help me!" Some people, dig sand in river with impunity, so mother River of black and blue, leaving blood River, and lost glory. Some factories and individuals in violation of State law on environmental protection, discharge to the river of "three wastes" and solid waste, and toxins in the river spread, water turbidity, floating around all kinds of junk.

Man, you should know that the trees were cut down, cause soil erosion, soil layer to thin, nutrient reduction, poor plant growth, can also cause water sources dry up and silted up, when heavy rain the river may overflow its banks. A large amount of sand quarrying, mother River not only cuts and bruises, and thinning of the embankments, River diversions, the bridge collapsed. More serious is that the case of collapsing, would seriously threaten millions of people's lives and property and raw materials. And a lot of "three wastes" and solid waste, causing serious pollution of water sources, affects the growth of crops, vegetables and fruit trees, to the lives and health of millions of people at risk.

Today, I found a bird in my yard, stretched his head, body still, mouth slightly open. Are you trying to tell me, you have a home, a loving home! Are not factories, housing, development zone, has replaced your warm home? You are dead, you can't tell me your heart, and I really want you to rebuild a forest. There is the fresh air in the world, there are many cute animals, and your cute little friend. You have a right to a home, a part of your little world. But ... but ... I can no longer see your lovely figure. Looking at the bird, a louder voice in my heart: "we have only one Earth, destroying it, humans will die. ”

Human beings on Earth have done many bad things, we destroy a forest covering the Earth, polluting the river's moist earth, undermining the protection of Earth's atmosphere. Humans must act now, mudslides, sandstorms, acid rain, droughts and floods that ... ... People want to know, protect, protection of the Earth is to protect ourselves!
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