SWT WasteWater Heat Exchanger
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SWT WasteWater Heat Exchanger

Urban sewage waste heat is an available huge heat resource, its year-round temperature of 10~20℃ is well suited for winter heating and summer cooling.However, its application has long been restricted by no suitable heat exchanger.

SWT sewage heat exchanger is developed for untreated sewage waste heat recovery and utilization, the heat exchanger is designed as Arc-shaped, both perfect for existing sewer renovation and can be combined with concrete pipes into modules heat exchanger for new projects.SWT Sewage Heat Exchanger with SeHenStar SE heat pump offers perfect Energy saving hot water heating solutions to customers.


   ■Close to using points

   ■Use untreated sewage as a source of heat

   ■Small heat transfer temperature difference


   ■Modular design, easy to expand     

   ■Need less installation space

   ■A variety of materials, corrosion resistant 

   ■Simple to maintain 


   ■Sewage waste heat recovery

   ■Paper mill waste water heat recovery

   ■Chemical plant wastewater heat recovery

   ■Other heat transfer fluid containing solid

Sehenstar sewage waste heat recovery solution:
    Install SWT Sewage heat exchanger in the residential sewer,thus collecting the heat into district heating station,then use the heat pump to increase temperature up to 80℃.Finaly offer the hot water to nearby residents as heating and demestic water.
Installed sewage heat exchanger in a residential sewers , recovery 850Kw heat  for heat pump.

Residential Sewage Waste Water Heat Recovery

Sewage heat exchanger Unit                 

Installing the Sewage HE                  

After installation

Heat Exchanger Performance:

    Heat exchanger Width:1 m
    Heat exchanger  Length:200m
    Heat exchanger Area: 200 m2
    Heat: 850 Kw
    Sewer Diameters:1.5 m
    Minimum flow rate: 105l/s
    Temp. difference: 2 ℃