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Safety usage of heat exchanger
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Recently, Municipal Heating Co., Ltd. in the bottom of the public heating situation and found that some residents of the home installed heat exchanger device, causing string of water phenomenon, will affect the safety of residents of water.

Municipal heating companies to remind the public: residents in this case, the timely removal of the heat exchanger to avoid unnecessary consequences. As a result of corrosion within the copper tube heat exchanger problems, resulting in string water phenomenon. Corrosion of heat exchanger water leakage will cause the heating pipe water and water pipe connected to the district residents of water security impact. At the same time, because the user installs the heat exchanger on the heating pipe, will cause the user to heat the temperature to be lower, thus affects the user room temperature.

Municipal heating company staff also reminded the general public: the installation of heat exchanger residents found that tap water is not used, but the water meter is still rotating count or abnormal ring, should be promptly closed for the return valve for demolition, but also call the municipal heat service line
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