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Misuse of heat exchanger causes water pollution
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Recently, Linzi District Health Bureau received a household reflect the taste of natural gas in the tap water, the water is also floating on the flower. After investigation, is the household unit has a heat exchanger due to leakage. As we all know, in the heating process, in order to prevent corrosion of pipes and valves to ensure smooth circulation of water supply and circulation in the heating cycle to add a variety of water cleaning, oxygen, preservative chemical, the water quality is not suitable as Domestic water use.

However, private "heat exchanger" may be because the installer is not professional and pipeline misappropriation phenomenon, resulting in heating water and water pipelines directly connected; In addition, even if the pipeline connection is correct, after a long period of time combined with the use of these heat exchanger itself Quality, uneven, may also be damaged. As the pressure of the circulating water in the heating pipe is higher than the pressure of the tap water, the circulating water added with the chemicals will flow into the water supply pipe to pollute the tap water. If it is not found in time, it will not only pollute the residents, but also pollute the unit. Floor, and even the entire water supply network of tap water quality. Once the residents mistakenly drink these contaminated water, will likely cause harm to the health of residents.

Health workers said that if the public found that tap water has become hot, discoloration, taste, salty and other abnormalities, please stop drinking immediately, and report to the district health supervision departments.
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