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Secretly installing a heat exchanger tubing pump may be arrested
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Jinan heating company staff has been engaged in heating for many years of inspection work, he told reporters, "heat is also a commodity, you need to buy and then use, and some weak legal awareness of users, that stealing only a small matter, ignoring the theft of heat Behavior is the nature of a violation.
He Shan introduction, the residents without permission to install the radiator in the radiator stolen row of hot water used to flush toilets, rinse mop and so on, without permission to install heat exchanger heaters used to heat the water pipeline, unauthorized installation of pipeline pump, forced to speed up heating Hot water flow in the pipeline to achieve the purpose of improving the indoor temperature, not for hot account procedures, unauthorized access to the heating pipe heat, heat metering users unauthorized destruction or demolition, modification, interference with the heat metering facilities to achieve the purpose of less payment , To stop unauthorized users to open the home valve heating, in order to achieve the purpose of non-payment of heat, "These are illegal acts of heat."
It is understood that privately steal the heat, modified heating, such acts not only affect the heating business, but also affect the entire district heating cycle, resulting in other users home temperature drop, affecting the heating effect.
Residents of illegal heating not only affect the residents of the heating system, and sometimes also affect the water supply system. The public without permission to install the heat exchanger heaters used to heat the water pipes in the water, but also likely to cause hot water heating system into the water, affecting the residents of the normal water
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