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Imported infrared camera used in the heat exchanger temperature measurement
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In industrial production, the efficiency of a heat exchanger has a large impact on the overall economy of the process. And its failure is mostly undetectable to the naked eye, such as: broken tube, tube blockage, partition corrosion, the use of Fluke imported infrared camera can be found in the heat exchanger performance degradation and departure from the normal function of the phenomenon. This is extremely important for the preparation work before maintenance.

Introduction to Heat Exchangers

Heat exchanger is a part of the heat fluid heat transfer to the cold fluid equipment, also known as heat exchangers.

Fluke imported infrared camera to detect what?

1 For plate heat exchangers, the main test gasket leakage.

2 for floating head heat exchanger, fixed tube plate heat exchanger, U-tube plate heat exchanger, the main test:

A) detection due to corrosion (such as steam, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide) serious, causing tube leakage.

B) detection of tube and baffle due to poor welding, corrosion and other joints caused by leakage.

C) detection of heat exchanger tubes due to scaling, coking caused by blockage.

D) Detect the flange leakage caused by thermal shock and vibration.

E) Detection of small floating head leakage in floating head heat exchangers.

F) to detect the heat preservation effect of the heat exchanger.

Heat exchanger tube burst caused by abnormal temperature

Fluke imported infrared camera to detect the advantages of heat exchangers

1 heat exchanger common faults, including tube corrosion due to cracking, heat exchanger partition due to corrosion leaks, tube fouling blockage, these failures can not be observed with the naked eye, these failures ranging from the impact of heat transfer efficiency, can not guarantee Normal production parameters, reduce product quality. Weight is caused by unplanned downtime, bring manufacturers serious economic losses. Imported infrared camera just to meet the needs of the process industry production. Non-contact infrared temperature measurement method, so that the operator quickly found that these failures, timely adjustment of parameters, or to maintain the equipment. Thus ensuring a stable and safe operation.

2 Fluke's patent-pending IR-Fusion technology captures an infrared image and simultaneously captures a digital photograph that fuses together to help identify and locate the fault so that the fault can be repaired at the first time.

3 Fluke Ti Series thermal imagers are equipped with powerful software for storing and analyzing thermal images and generating professional reports. With this software, key parameters such as emissivity, reflection temperature compensation, and color palette can be adjusted in images downloaded from the thermal imager, which can be done in the office, improving the safety and convenience of inspection.

Typical customers

Petrochemical industry: Qilu Petrochemical, Yangzi Petrochemical, Yanshan Petrochemical, Lanzhou Chemical, Takahashi Chemical, Quzhou Juhua, etc.

Pharmaceutical industry: Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals, Hyundai Pharmaceuticals, Xinyi Pharmaceuticals

What problems may be encountered at the scene?

1 If the heat exchanger insulation layer is thick, the internal temperature difference is not easy to pass to the surface of the equipment, so the measurement of the fault point is also more difficult.

2 part of the device shell is bright metal or stainless steel, its low emissivity and high reflectivity, it is very easy to reflect the nearby high-temperature radiation source into the imported infrared camera, causing serious interference; in the shooting of such equipment can be used in the paint (Any color) to improve the emissivity of the site.

How can I take a clear thermal image?

1 For small temperature difference of the occasion, try to choose high thermal sensitivity of the imported infrared camera.

2 shooting should pay attention to try to avoid measuring the direct sunlight, shooting in the shadow of the liquid level line is not susceptible to sunlight interference, the effect is better.

3 When shooting, observe whether there are other heat sources around, especially for the surface of the heat exchanger, the shell more easily reflect the surrounding heat source, causing detection interference, so if the shooting around the heat source, change the shooting angle.

4 First use the imported infrared camera's automatic mode to measure the temperature range of the heat exchanger; then manually set the horizontal and span, the temperature range is set to a minimum, and contains the previously measured temperature range (sections of the minimum temperature range of different instruments) .

5 For heat exchangers using a highly reflective metal material such as aluminum foil or stainless steel as the outer layer, the heat exchanger can be sprayed with paint (in any color) to increase the emissivity of that portion.
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