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Solar and wind may become Asia's most economical energy
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Finland Yle media coverage recently, Finland official research institutions and University carried out a study of renewable power, results showed that 5-10 years in the future, Asian energy supplies depend entirely on renewables, and the number of solar and wind energy is promising to be the most economical source of energy.

It is reported that the project is funded by Finland national technology innovation Agency, with Lappeenranta University College (Lappeenranta), and the University of Turku in Finland the future research center (University of Turku's Finland Futures Research Centre) organised through China, Korea, and Japan rely entirely on renewables based on integrated energy systems, To investigate whether Asia can achieve a comprehensive future based on renewable energy supply. Finland public fund, Tekes, Finland Innovation Fund for joint provision of 5 million euros in financial support for the project.

Research results show that renewable energy sources, including solar energy, wind energy, over the next 10 years, as Asia's least expensive form of energy supply. The researchers also said that in addition to economic benefits, heavy use of renewables can bring Asia to reduce emissions and ensure energy supply security and other additional benefits.

With Lappeenranta University Professor of solar energy at Christian Breyer said the analog scale of the renewable energy network projects, is unprecedented. "In the Northeast Asian region, entirely achievable powered entirely from renewable sources. Meanwhile, we have also gained new ideas, not less energy than other forms of energy expensive, future, renewable energy sources can even be the cheapest form of energy in the Asian region. "Breyer said.

All along, the biggest obstacle facing renewable energy development, is how to achieve a commercially viable, while Finland's findings gave the industry a great deal of confidence. Among them, the Finland researchers also specially optimistic about the prospects for solar power. "The fact is that renewable energy generation projects, 1 time for each additional installed capacity, the cost will probably decline by about 20%. "Finland Pasi Vainikka, lead researcher of the State technological innovation says," therefore, we expect that from 2025 to 2030, solar electricity prices are expected to fall to half their current levels. In this way, worldwide in a wide range, solar power is expected to become the most affordable source of energy. At that time, our energy supply system will be completely changed. ”

Finland's energy companies are very optimistic about the development of solar energy industry. It is understood that Finland Fortum energy company active in India Solar project. Recently, the company has just one in India in Central Madhya Pradesh State's 10-megawatt solar power plant project in India power grid. "In recent years, India has released millions of megawatts of solar power projects. "Fortum's technical director Heli Antila said," we believe that India's solar industry has entered the mature stage, soon will be able to get rid of totally dependent on subsidies for profitable State. ”

In addition, Vainikka specifically noted, research shows, is optimistic about the prospects for renewable energy development in China. "China has a very substantial wind and solar resources, so renewable power development potential, and could soon see the benefits. "He said," the good news is that China now is to put in solar and wind power than any other country in the world. The future, we hope that China can further expedite renewable energy development. ”

However, the researchers admit, although it seems to be an inexhaustible supply of wind and solar energy resources, but there are still problems such as uneven distribution, supply is intermittent. Therefore, the researchers stressed that the auxiliary energy storage system for solar and wind power are necessary.

"We are fully aware of limitations of solar and wind power, but it also offers some opportunities for us. "Vainikka said" on the one hand, solar and wind power can be more flexible than most other modes of generation on the other, we can also develop the necessary energy storage systems, depending on the season or a change in consumption, adjusting the power supply at any time. For example, in Finland, in winter, when the supply increases rapidly, you will spend some of our reserves of power. ”

It is understood that Finland is now the application will store energy and natural gas combined use with renewable power. According to Vainikka introduced, in Finland, the summer solar energy stored, used for production of synthetic natural gas, for use in the winter. In addition, the existing natural gas network and other energy infrastructure have also been mobilized to meet renewable energy storage.

Vainikka said: "at present, the processing needs of technology already available, solar electricity can be stored in the existing gas infrastructure in the future. Recently, we also finalized a new liquefied natural gas terminal, when completed, will also be used for storage, to meet winter demand. "He also pointed out that, in fact, about 90% 's renewable energy business opportunities in solar panels and wind turbine production, focuses on how to utilize the power of these two approaches, go to how to store both on energy, it will be more practical and effective.
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