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China will build more nuclear power plants
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Calls on policymakers to accelerate the adjustment of energy structure in China is increasing, both clean and low-cost advantages of nuclear power or become the focus of our future energy development.

Research Group, as "along the way" strategy an important benefit of the plate, beginning this year will mark the approval and construction, this medium to be optimistic about the development of nuclear power.

CPPCC National Committee member, Party Secretary of the China Guangdong nuclear power group company limited, the Chairman He Yu said in an interview with Xinhua, according to various kinds of clean energy sources, and the biggest potential, by 2030, the installed capacity of nuclear power should be at least 150 million to 200 million-kilowatt in order to achieve the goals for energy conservation and emission reduction.

Accelerating clean energy substitution

In recent years, the lives of haze effects become apparent. Therefore, to control air pollution, the fight against smog attracted popular attention.

"Coal-smoke pollution and smog emissions cars for two reasons. Neither power, nor the industrial areas are dominated by coal, clean energy use accounts for only about 4%, which leads to environmental problems such as air pollution, which is the main reason I hope to promote clean energy applications. "Zhang Ying, Chairman of the national people's Congress of Henan tianlun group CEN said.

"Smog in China are mainly concentrated in the Eastern and central areas, and plenty of gasoline, coal and other fossil fuels are closely related. "Member of the National Committee of the CPPCC, Deputy Director of the China Research Institute of medical sciences, the former Sun jianfang told Xinhua in an interview called for controlling smog is one of the key measures to reduce fossil energy use, reuse of clean energy.

And Vice Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee and CPPCC Hunan Zhang Dafang is recommended and would "clean alternatives" to a major national energy development strategy, at the same time as soon as possible of the energy law, establish "clean alternative" energy industry development, exploitation and utilization of legal system.

Investors believe that the harsh realities of air pollution will accelerate the use of clean energy sources to replace traditional polluting sources of energy such as coal, related areas of nuclear power, wind power, natural gas, news heater blowing power is particularly worthy of attention.

Nuclear power will mark the approval an orgasm

As the market for new energy investment is increasing, Bohai securities believes that the restart of nuclear power is an important measure to develop clean energy in China.

On March 8, the CPPCC National Committee member, Party Secretary of the China Guangdong nuclear power Group Ltd said in an interview with Xinhua, Chairman of He Yu, by 2030, China's energy consumption is expected to reach 6 billion tons of standard coal. To meet the energy saving and emission reduction goals, 1.2 billion tons of which will be provided by clean energy.

He Yu believes that based on clean energy sources, and the biggest potential, by 2030, the installed capacity of hydropower is expected to reach 400 million-kilowatt, 500 million-kilowatt of installed capacity of wind power, solar 300 million-kilowatt of installed capacity, installed capacity of nuclear power should be at least 150 million to 200 million-kilowatt, to support the achievement of these objectives.

In fact, prior to this, due to the influence of Fukushima, in order to protect the safety of nuclear power in China, a sharp increase of nuclear power safety standards. Therefore, the approval of new nuclear power projects has been stopped for as long as two years.

Central Committee repeatedly demonstrated, after 26 months later, my Government decided to restart construction of nuclear power projects.

Just recently, of nuclear power projects approved in the first surfaced. It is understood that as currently only nuclear power station in Northeast China--Hongyanhe nuclear power plant unit 1, 2nd in the first phase project has grid power, unit 3, 4th in the construction phase and is expected to formally put into operation this year. Hongyanhe nuclear power station Hongyanhe nuclear power limited company by owners of cgnpc, China Power Investment Corporation and Dalian City construction investment company in accordance with the proportion of 45:45:10 shares.

All the signs indicate that China's determination to accelerate the construction of nuclear power have been made.

Peking University's China Centre for strategic studies researcher Guo Xia believes that developing nuclear power is to reduce smog in the root of the problem.

"Only by vigorously developing nuclear power, a high-tech new-energy, carbon-reducing energy consumption does not affect the future of economic development. "Guo Xia said, at present, the United Kingdom in introducing China's engineering and technical and financial support to strengthen nuclear power construction. Nuclear power in the global average in power generating capacity has reached 14%, Korea and Japan, the proportion of nuclear power generation has reached 30%, France's nuclear power up to 70% per cent of power. 2% per cent of total generating capacity of nuclear power in our country.

Century securities research agencies according to the study released, both clean and low cost of nuclear power, and plays an irreplaceable role in the energy mix, is the focus of our future energy development, not yet five years of investment will remain at high levels. In addition, nuclear power is "along the way" strategy an important benefit of the plate. Therefore, we are optimistic about the medium-and long-term development of nuclear power.

Nuclear dynamics of the Economic Committee of former Director Wen Hongjun of China were of the view that is expected by the end of 2015 the total installed capacity of about 30 million-kilowatt now "Twelve-Five" 40 million-kilowatt is not implemented in the planning.

In accordance with this statement, 10 million-kilowatt nuclear units in 2015, total investment in China to reach 2015 years ago, China's total installed capacity of nuclear power units in transit 40 million-kilowatt goals.

"Now seems to be taking the vetting, fast horse way, but people have doubts about the correctness of this practice and risk, probably will seek a chance to adjust. "Wen Hongjun that" plans to target moderate change is planned in common, seek truth from facts, the tone adjustment, do not have to insist.

Investment agency is expected in 2015 will be a historical high point of nuclear power into the production unit, year is also key to the development of nuclear power industry, nuclear power, nuclear power production projects breaks ice in full swing and the sea will make significant progress.
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