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Residual oil heat exchanger of normal pressure device is on fire
Author:sehenstar  Source:SeHenStar  Pubtime:2016-10-14 10:13:07  Click:1272
Qingyang, Gansu, July 26 (Reporter Hou Zhixiong) 26, Gansu Qingyang City Publicity Office disclosed that the 7:01 the same day, China Petroleum Qingyang Petrochemical Company atmospheric pressure residue heat exchanger leakage Fire, causing 4 burns, including two seriously injured, slightly injured 2, has been sent to Qingyang City People's Hospital for treatment, the current normal vital signs.

After the accident, Qingyang officials immediately start the emergency plan, the first time rushed to the scene to carry out incident handling, personnel treatment. Qingyang City Fire Brigade, Qinghua company fire team to develop fire fighting programs, coordinated operations, control of fire.

At present, there is no secondary accident. The device has been an emergency shutdown, personnel have retreated, the cause of the accident is under investigation.
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