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Fast heat so that life does not wait
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City life is complicated, always need patience and wait. But the scorching sun, get rid of tired of perspiration, heart bath can not wait! To address the urgent needs of consumers with hot water, with 142-year history of the US water system giant AO Smith innovative research and development with "fast-forward key" of the Kyu Kyi liner air to water heaters in the semi-gall mode heating rate can be increased by 60% , So refreshing bath without waiting!
Kim Kyu-care liner, efficient anti-corrosion anti-fouling watertight
Air to water heater as a central hot water products, to achieve multi-point at the same time water supply, water storage capacity, so such a large capacity storage water heaters for the durability and reliability of the water tank is very demanding. A.O. Smith air to water heater water tank with patent Kim Kyu-care liner, has nearly 80 years of market applications, and has created a miracle for 52 years, this miracle reflects the excellent performance of Kim Kyu liner.
Through the Kim Kyu coating evenly sprayed on the tank liner, and after 870 ℃ high temperature sintering to ensure that the coating does not fall off the impact resistance, Jin Gui coating can be several decades to protect the water heater liner from erosion, resistance Hot and cold water constantly washed, and always synchronized with the liner does not fall off the breath of steel. At the same time, A.O. Smith patent Kim Kyu-care liner using the US standard (2.0MPa), pressure capacity is much higher than the Chinese and European standards (1.2MPa). A.O. Smith patent Kim Kyu-liner through the strict "UL" under 1.0MPa 100,000 times life test, cutting-edge technology to eliminate Weld, pressure-bearing structure to ensure interior pressure, the ultimate pressure capacity of up to 2.1MPa. Welding well, Kim Kyu coating does not break off does not fall off, and efficient anti-corrosion, which is A.O. Smith patent Kim Kyu-care liner of the "secret of success."

Semi-gallbladder heat, heat pump heating rate increased by 60%
AO Smith familiar with consumer demand, innovative research and development of patented "semi-gallbladder-speed heat" heat pump system: the use of dual condenser design, through the independent control of the upper and lower condensers to achieve the heat pump heat and heat pump bile Dan heating two heating mode. Semi-bile mode, only the water tank in the semi-bile water heating, greatly shorten the heating time, heat pump heating rate increased 60%, to meet the urgent needs of users to use hot water, and reduce energy consumption.

Heat pump water temperature up to 65 ℃, hot water more than 30%
AO Smith semi-rapid heat-type Jinui liner air to water heater innovation R134a environment-friendly refrigerant and high-temperature air to water heater for the compressor, and the patented micro-channel heat exchanger, at the same condensing temperature, operating pressure compared to R22 refrigerant reduced by 30%, so the heat pump heating water temperature can be as high as 65 ℃, allowing users to experience more comfortable bath to enjoy.

For more than 142 years, A. O. Smith has always been a leader in the industry because of his tireless pursuit of continuous improvement and innovation. In the craftsman gene driven, A.O Smith is not only the pursuit of product innovation, but also for a Chinese family to create high-quality healthy living vision. At present, A.O. Smith air to water heater full coverage of the villa machine, split machine, the whole machine, wall-hunger, can fully meet the different users of the demand for energy-saving comfortable hot water.
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