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Coal and electricity enterprises near zero emissions
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In a number of key areas to achieve clean emissions there would be demand for environmental improvement inthe objective of, but in relatively backward areas, extensive pollution is still very serious,implementation of clean emissions are a bit more harm than good.

Super-clean emissions is only present as a model demonstration project, no requirement in the currentenvironment, an absence of Government incentives, monitoring tools do not support the case, remain hyper-no pressure, no enterprises NET running.

If at all costs, and in theory can do "near-zero-emission". However, the evaluation of pollution controltechnology options are correct we should evaluate the environmental and economic benefits, it is alsodecided to "near-zero-emission" key to widespread implementation or not.

Low sulphur, low ash, high heat value coal is to achieve "near-zero-emission" the basic premise, but theconditions for China's current average sulphur content exceeding 1%, ash, near 30%, and contains a lot of low volatile coal, even if the implementation of special emission limit values, it is very difficult.According to estimates, in Zhejiang province to achieve "near-zero-emission" the environmental cost toelectricity price increases on the basis of the original 1~1.3/kWh, while Henan province, you need at least 1.5~1.8/kWh.

Participation of the emission standard of air pollutants for thermal power plant (hereinafter referred to as the standard) revision of several State environmental protection Research Institute Vice President Zhu Fahua never dreamed that, have been led around by the nose by environmental policies of thermal power industry will take the initiative, offer the proposed coal-fired power plant emission standards of airpollutants achieve "near-zero emissions" requirement.

Back in 2011, the standard promulgated at the beginning of the fossil power generation industry generally mowed, calling it "history of the most strict" standards, and even more extreme view is that power plants either shut or collective fraud.

Today, many companies try to do "near-zero-emission". The so-called "near-zero-emission", or in practicalapplications such as "ultra clean emissions", "ultra low emissions" and other expressions, generallyrefers to a gas turbine up to present-day standards set emission limit requirements, namely, soot, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides emissions concentration less than 5 milligrams per cubic meter, or 35 mg/m, 50mg/m.

Coal-fired boiler of benchmark containing oxygen volume for 6%, only is gt of 0.4 times, if according to same benchmark containing oxygen volume conversion words, coal-fired boiler needs reached of emissions limited value equivalent original value of 0.4 times, that dust, and sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides of emissions limited value respectively by original of 5, and 35, and 50 mg/cubic meters becomes 2, and 14, and 20 mg/cubic meters, from this angle said, super clean emissions worthy of.

Starting from this year, frequently take the form of media coverage of various near-zero emissions,"first", "first", "below the gas emission standard" words such as emerging, ultra low emission coal andelectricity eco-renovation has become a trend.

According to incomplete statistics, Shenhua Energy, I have been put into operation in Zhejiang Provinceand Zhejiang jiahua, Zhoushan, Zhejiang guohua and other pilot projects;, Foshan City, Guangdong Province,Guangzhou City, at the beginning of this year has released "ultra clean discharge" reconstruction schemeof Shaanxi and Shanxi provinces also announced the launch of ultra low emission plan. In addition,Tianjin, Hebei and other places there are some demonstrations, modernization projects.

Why just a few years could make such a big change? from an industry-wide "meal still hungry, can't dogreen" the bitter sigh to some enterprises actively attempt to more demanding "near-zero-emission" where does energy come from? what are the real reasons behind it?

Among these, the enterprise's contribution to environmental protection consciousness and initiative in nodoubt, but the resulting "near-zero-emission" craze from the angle of environmental, economic and otherbenefits consider whether suitable for large area? in the context of coal quality vary widely, and can look for the best technology, steadily achieving ultra-low emissions while reducing the costs ofenvironmental protection?

A special coal "battle"

Coal prices are at low levels and have plenty of funds is part of the electric power enterprise standard,ask "near-zero-emission" premise, but also the way some businesses to protect themselves

In fact, the "near-zero-emission" concept was first proposed by the coal company Shenhua Group's coalprices, environmental protection are more rigid, limited approval under the background of new coal-firedpower project, Enterprise a special coal-fired electricity for their own interests, "battle".

About 10 years ago, coal open market reforms, under the stimulus of demand in the market, accounted forabout 70% coal prices soaring power costs, let power companies complain incessantly.

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