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Through waste heat recovery for heating to reduce environmental pollution
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Recently, the continuous severe smog in the region of North China, heavily polluted the air in some places. The upcoming heating season will aggravate smog? how to solve this problem?, the Economic Journal interview with urban energy planning specialist, Professor, school of architecture, Tsinghua University, Fulin.

"The arrival of the heating season, it will aggravate smog. Rely mainly on coal-fired heating in North China, where coal-fired power plants around heating 40% per cent central heating, the rest is mainly coal-fired boilers, plus some scattered small towns of boiler, the boiler energy saving and emission reduction measures can not keep up, even more seriously. "Fulin said.

China's total energy consumption, total annual coal consumption at around 2.5 billion to 3 billion tons of standard coal, which one-tenth used for space heating. Fulin said, is worthy of note that, more than 200 million tons, nearly half of which was burned, there is no strict measures to reduce emissions. "Central heating has three characteristics: one is time to focus on, and second, spatial concentration, three are small and scattered coal-fired boilers pollution control measures are not effective. Small coal-fired boilers in emissions from 1 ton of coal equivalent to emissions from large power plants burned 10 tons of coal, which causes frequent fog in autumn and winter. ”

How to solve this problem? Fulin said that many cities in the implementation of "coal gas", Beijing, Tianjin, Lanzhou, Urumqi and other places have been opened, some cities are proceeding. Why promotion does not fast? there are two main reasons: one is the shortage of resources, every winter, many northern cities natural gas shortage, some businesses because of lack of air can only be shut down; the second is higher cost, gas prices in the 3 to 4 Yuan per cubic meter, in some places has exceeded 4, is 3 to 4 times times the price of coal-fired heating. In particular, he stressed that people used to think that natural gas is a clean energy source, but now found that burn natural gas after produces nitrogen oxides, become the main sources forming smog. Therefore, the "coal gas" cannot fundamentally solve the haze problem.

He argues that there is a very effective way is to use industrial waste heat replace coal. After research found that thermal power plants to emit a lot of heat waste heat, if the use of both energy conservation and emission reduction, and realizing circular economy, you can completely replace the coal-fired heating.

Utilizing industrial waste heat heating faced two main problems, one is that there is not so much heat? worth? b how long distances to millions of households. Fulin said that most of the coal used for power generation in China, during the burning of coal, one-third is converted to electricity, the rest becomes waste heat. Amount of waste heat power plant in northern China at about 500 million tons of standard coal, and heating needs 200 million tons of coal equivalent, plus some steel mills, chemical plants discharge waste heat, enough to use. Solve your second question depends mainly on heat-supply network, due to heat, the temperature is not high, at around 20 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius and heat required more than sixty or seventy degrees must be temperature, through the heat pump, heat together and achieve the available temperature. Secondly, the power plants in remote areas, how to carry heat to the city, improving the efficiency of heat transfer is the key.

To resolve this problem, his team hard tackling, inventions made by "central heating technology based on absorption heat" solution to the shortage of heat source and heat network transmission bottleneck for system heating capacity increased by more than 30%, heating energy consumption reduced by over 40%, thermal network transmission capacity to improve 50%.

"This achievement was awarded the 2013 state technology invention award, uses this technology, you can implement plain from the heat supply to the city, conveying length of 300 km. That is, if City Center, draw a circle with a 300-kilometer radius, the heating can be solved through waste heat recovery of the city. "Fulin said, the current state of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei's integration strategy, more power plant in Hebei, through heat integration can contribute to solve the smog. Using this technology, you can completely replace the coal-fired heating, costs are lower than the natural gas.

At present, the results, which have been widely used in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Beijing and other places, and has achieved remarkable economic and social benefits. He told reporters that "this year is the 5th heat to promote this technology in Datong city in Shanxi province, Taiyuan, also in promotion, Jinan, Shijiazhuang, yinchuan and other cities were included in the plan. Hope that this innovation promotion in North China as soon as possible, and to provide solutions to control smog. ”


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